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Aluminium Cases

Aluminium equipment cases

If you have expensive, sensitive or specialised pieces of equipment, you will want to make sure they are well protected when they are moved from site to site. Heavy duty aluminium cases are essential for protecting valuable products which need to be taken on the road. If your high-value item needs to be transported by an airline, taxi or commercial carrier, the only way to ensure they get to their destination in perfect condition is to pack them into made-to-measure aluminium equipment cases.

The Flitebag range is constructed using the best materials and each case is created to your individual specifications. Every aluminium flight case is handmade in England to suit the product it is to carry. Foam interiors, bespoke handles, a choice of colours and a number of other extras can be added to suit your requirements.

Our cases are made to take the knocks that occur during everyday transportation and they are also stylish, user friendly and very reliable. They are used in military, survey, broadcasting and electronic industries to protect delicate and specialised equipment.

Where needed, castors, locks, flush fittings and extra handles can be built into the aluminium case to ensure the finished transportation trunk is exactly how you need it. The case can be light-weight or heavy duty and it can be fitted with different interiors to match your needs. The finished case is as good looking as it is durable.

With our years of experience, we know the best way to construct the perfect aluminium flight case to protect your specialised equipment. Order a single trunk or a collection of aluminium equipment cases as you require them; we are confident you will be delighted with our top quality products.