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Are you sick of replacing your damaged electronics? Smashed screens and water damage are a nuisance in everyone’s lives, especially since our laptops, devices & instruments are expensive investments, often holding irreplaceable documents that you can’t afford to lose. And whilst damaged electronics can be replaced, wiped data simply isn’t as easy to recover.

So, what’s the solution? Luckily, with high-quality, tough waterproof cases all of your electrical devices can be kept safe from all harm, including water damage. With a high-quality waterproof case, your electronics don’t need to be left at home for fear of breakage. A high-quality waterproof case is designed to never let you (or your electronics) down & to look good.

With proper waterproof protection for your devices, there’s no need to go without.

For laptops:

For your laptop, we would recommend either the Peli Laptop case or the Multi-Laptop Case. The Peli Laptop case with its solid wall design and locking latches make it a very secure case that will prevent your valuable electronic items from being stolen as well as damaged. With a lid organiser, shock absorbing tray and shoulder strap all included, your every concern when travelling with your laptop is covered.

The Multi-Laptop case is the ultimate solution for Training professional or Business professionals who are carrying multiple electronic devices on their person such as a laptop or multiple laptops or iPads. Whilst travelling, this tough, durable waterproof flight case will get your laptop or iPad to the other side with the utmost protection.

For phones:

The Peli Micro case provides the high level of protection for your phone that you’re looking for in a waterproof case. This moulded plastic shell with a rubber liner for extra protection and an automatic pressure equalisation valve for balancing interior pressure and keeping out water, guarantees you a lifetime of excellence. This is the only investment you’ll need to make to protect your smartphone for eternity!

For professional use:

The Enduro MAX case is one of the toughest cases available to you. A copolymer polypropylene construction, this waterproof plastic case is virtually indestructible. Widely and routinely used by police, fire, film crews, military, NATO, extreme exploration, harsh/extreme environment and industrial applications, this case is the real deal for protecting items of high value.

If you are a professional perhaps working in a construction industry where quality and protection are essential, we recommend for you the Enduro MAX Tool Case. With its military-tough construction, this waterproof equipment case is specially designed to withstand even the roughest usage, the perfect solution for professional technicians across a range of industries and applications.


Our leading range of protective cases are designed to overcome all the barriers faced when travelling with your electronics. To discover a whole range of waterproof flight cases for protecting both your everyday and professional electronic gear, please do not hesitate to get in contact or visit our website.