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It’s natural to want to take special care when you’re transporting your laptops, no matter whether it’s only one laptop or ten. If your laptops don’t survive the journey in one piece, that training session you meant to deliver might be ruined and you’ll be facing a costly bill to replace them & reputation damage! With our experience, here at Hofbauer, we’re proud to provide our customers with multi-laptop carriers, for busy workshop trainers and tech guy’s!

As they can be comprehensively designed to any individual need you might have, a laptop transport case can be great at balancing admirable practicality with enviable looks. That’s the reason that transport cases are used as laptop transport solutions by users as diverse as workshop leaders and technological engineers. But what are the advantages of investing in a bespoke laptop transport case over shoving them in a box? Below, we’ll explore the reasons why these fantastic cases are well worth your while.

Diverse range of options

As we’ve already highlighted, one of the biggest advantages of splashing out on a laptop flight case is the number of solutions & levels of protection at your disposal. Transport cases are available in a vast selection of types, offering different levels of protection, sizes, and shades, with Enduro MAX, Peli , Peli Storm, Flitebag & Polybox just a few of the reputable brand names you can choose from. We can customise the interior of your multi-laptop carrier with bespoke cut foam interiors to suit your laptops & accessories.

Unrivalled security

When you’re transporting equipment as sensitive as laptops, security is obviously of the absolute highest priority; otherwise your sale or your work may be lost. Any good laptop transport case will include reliable security features such as padlocking points, security seal points and ID options. With these features in place, you can rest assured that your laptops will stay secure until delivered by your carrier or you retrieve them from the baggage claim.

Easily customisable with branding

For any self-respecting business, sporting your own staff merchandise is a great way of promoting your brand. Even the most functional multi-laptop carrier can easily be customised with your business’ printed logos or an engraved nameplate for a particular representative. With your name or brand on your laptop flight case all your clients will know what your business is and the expertise you can offer them.

Wheeled case options

If you need to transport multiple laptops, it’s understandable that you might struggle to carry a full multi-laptop carrier around! Luckily, many of our multi-laptop cases come with wheeled options so they can be easily manoeuvred around – ideal for navigating around large buildings, sites or the airport and keeping all of those precious laptops intact.

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Here at Hofbauer we can supply multi-laptop carriers to provide all the above advantages. If you would be interested in a laptop flight case designed for your individual requirements & equipment, or any other variant of transport cases, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. We would be more than happy to make your journey easier.