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Why Do I Need a Pelicase?

Peli cases are without a doubt the toughest cases on the market and are the first choice for professionals everywhere, including professional photographers, TV crews, the emergency services and the military. The extensive range of designs that are available in all shapes and sizes means they truly do cater for your every want and need. All items sensitive to damage including all electrical equipment, benefit from the protection of being stored in a Peli case.

To give you an idea of what they can do, here are just some of the benefits of Peli cases:

The design

The specialist design of the Peli case makes them virtually indestructible. Constructed from a tough Copolymer Polypropylene material, this case is designed to provide protection from water, heat, chemicals, dust and rough handling. The case design which features open-cell cores and solid-wall constructions makes them significantly stronger and more lightweight than conventional cases with a solid-core wall design.

Peli cases can be supplied with a Pick N Pluck foam that fills the base of your case. Pick N Pluck foam can be easily adapted to suit the shape of the equipment that you are transporting. Easy to use, you can customise the cut outs within the foam so that the protective base keeps your equipment snugly secure whilst on the move.

A diverse range of uses

One of the best things about Peli tool cases is that they are equally suitable for both professional and everyday use. Peli cases are routinely used by professionals who depend on their baggage to provide superior quality protection to their contents however this also makes Peli cases extremely useful for protecting your everyday items. The Peli micro case for example, is a pocket size case that still providing the same high standard of all other Peli products, making it the perfect case for storing your phone, iPod or headphones.

An economic damage solution

The sheer strength in the design of Peli cases means that they truly are a one-time purchase. Once you’ve invested in the right Peli cases, you are set for life.

Also, by buying high quality casing for any delicate equipment you own, you are increasing the longevity of your belongings. This could potentially save you hundreds of pounds worth of repairs and replacement fees that you would have spent upgrading any faulty equipment that hasn’t been properly stored or cared for. The Pelicase will keep your belongings in pristine condition day after day, no matter what they entail.

Easy to transport

Frequently used as on-flight and long-haul baggage items, the design of Peli cases makes them easy to transport between locations. The Peli Storm Case for example is a very compact case that features a discreet pulling handle. All Peli cases with wheels are specially designed with heat resistant nylon hubs in the wheels, making them less susceptible to wear and tear.

High security

As well as keeping your equipment protected from damage, the Peli case also provides effective protection from theft. The majority of Peli cases feature a metal-reinforced padlock protector as well as secure and chunky catches to keep your case tightly fastened whilst not in use.

Looking for Pelican Cases in the UK?

Here at Hofbauer, we are proud to stock a wide variety of Peli cases at affordable prices to suit every customer’s needs. Our range includes Peli storm cases, Peli laptop cases, laptop cases with strap, the multi-laptop case, Peli micro cases and even a wine carrier case.

For more information about any of our products or to get expert advice on what would be the right luggage solution for you, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us and a member of our team shall be more than happy to help you find what you need.