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A flight case is an ideal solution for any traveller that needs to carry a heavy load. Made to virtually any size, with high quality materials, stunning aesthetics and careful attention to detail, a flight case can prove a wonderful addition to your list of shipping & travel essentials. That’s why here at Hofbauer we offer excellent custom flight cases based around your exact specifications to keep your belongings safe while you’re on the move.

There are many advantages that come with owning a flight case, with a few examples of the custom flight cases we have including the Flitebag Astro,Thermodyne or Polybox. But what are some of those reasons? Below, we outline just a few of the reasons why we think investing in a flight case is worth your time:

Inventory of sizes and styles

We can supply flight cases to suit all applications, with a lot of styles, colours & made to measure bespoke sizes to best suit your individual taste and requirements. Our flight cases can be made from sturdy polypropylene plastic, aluminium and plywood, while our Thermodyne flight cases, moulded in HDPE (High density polyethylene) plastic come in an enormous choice of 450 different sizes and 9 different colours. Thermodyne cases & containers were originally designed for shipping by air with a very good strength to weight ratio to bring down your airfreight costs.

Can be stored with ease in a variety of locations

The handy thing about flight cases is that they are useful for any type of transport or travel, whether carrying your equipment across town to a work site or travelling on flights across the world. Flight cases such as our Flitebag Enduro come with moisture and dust protection using their rubber O-ring seal, so you can be sure that they will be safe from water while in the hold of a plane or in a luggage rack should the worst occur.

Comprehensive protection

One of the biggest fears of any traveller is that their sensitive items will be damaged in transit in circumstances beyond their control. With our custom flight cases you will have no need to worry. These flight cases offer comprehensive protection for your valuables in different ways, from our Flitebag Pro’s vibration-absorbing Shock-Rack to a customisable foam interior on our Polybox cases. No matter they’re used regularly by the likes of the military, aerospace and medical industries!

Specific applications

While many flight cases can be adjusted to personal specifications, certain flight cases are specifically designed to serve unique applications too. One prime example of this is our wheeled fine wine bottle carrier case. Capable of holding up to eight bottles, this unique flight case is ideal for a wine merchant transporting bottles for a tasting session or for connoisseurs who just want to bring some wines home from their holiday.

Contact us

So if the idea of buying a flight case is taking off for you, why not get in touch with us today here at Hofbauer? Simply tell us what your individual specifications are and we would be delighted to put together just the right custom flight cases for you. Happy travels!