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When moving around from location to location, your suitcase and equipment cases can become susceptible to wear and tear. Not only is this unfortunate for your luggage, but it can put the objects inside at risk from becoming damaged or broken entirely. At Hofbauer UK, we specialise in extremely durable and hardwearing transit cases, that ensure your valuables remain safe and sound.

What are heavy duty transit cases?

Our selection of heavy duty cases come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making them suitable for all kinds of objects. Their material is specially formulated to be resistant to physical force, meaning that in the instance they are accidentally dropped, they will maintain their shape and stay resistant to cracks and damage. This material is also highly resistant to extreme temperatures that may shift from hot to cold in short durations of time.

Why are they needed?

A strong and sturdy transit case is useful on a number of occasions. For example, passengers flying on aeroplanes may be at risk of their luggage being dropped by air baggage handling staff, or of it becoming dislodged and thrown around during a flight. The extremely tough outer-casing of our strong transit cases protects the casing from any damage during this time, keeping the contents inside safe.

Alternatively, you may be transporting sensitive equipment from one location to another, such as expensive electrical equipment used in the film or music industry. We offer a series of waterproof casing, so you can trust that your valuable possessions remain protected from liquid damage.

We also offer transit cases that meet military quality standards, for individuals working in the military who require extra security of the internal belongings. These cases are designed to be highly resistant to external interference, keeping any sensitive documentation or objects inside secured. Their tough exterior casing also allows them to withstand any rough handling on site or during transportation, regardless of the extreme conditions they may be exposed to on the road. This material is also highly resistant to dust, moisture, and chemical damage.

For those who require secure transportation but are travelling alone, or simply want to keep a light cargo with them as they move, we offer a range of lightweight transit cases. The plastic material of these cases is extremely lightweight, beneficial for your back and your finances; not only is it safer to carry lighter luggage, but it will save you the cost of paying for extra weight on luggage at the airport. Despite their light weight, these cases still maintain the durable quality that will keep your belongings safely secured.

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