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Is it possible to find high-quality, affordable Presentation Cases for your unique requirements? You need to know that you case will be durable, fit-for-purpose, and not least, stylish. Hofbauer (UK) Ltd have over 30 years of expertise manufacturing a wide range of moulded cases and we can supply you with a large selection of premium Presentation Cases. Whether you carry medical devices, exhibition equipment, wine bottles, specialist tools, or many other products, our cases will completely protect your items and look good too.

Wine Carrier Case

Are you a wine merchant, sales executive, distributor, or a specialist? Our Wine Carrier Case is perfect for you – this Presentation Case is strong and will keep your wine totally secure. How do we know this? It is constructed using moulded copolymer polypropylene, which is extremely tough. Your precious wine bottles will be kept in place by interior foam, designed to accommodate your vintage wine. It comes complete with an extendable handle and well-designed wheels that make it easy to manoeuvre.


Do you handle medical devices, exhibition equipment, or service packs? You know how important it is to transport these sensitive items safely and securely. The Polybox Flight Case is lightweight in construction, but hardwearing and durable too. Depending on what you want to transport, we can customise many aspects of this Presentation Case. For example, the foam inserts can be shaped to suit your products and items, to prevent any movement during transit. We offer a wide range of colours, including grey, blue, black, red, yellow, green, and other finishes for you to choose from. These Polybox Cases have been tried and tested by professionals around the world.

Quantum T

The Quantum T Case is tough and designed to protect your instruments and tools. It combines lightweight material with extreme strength and features our innovative double-wall system for added protection. It has a smooth rebate surface which can accommodate your company logos, branding, and so on. This handsome case has snap-shut catches for security and the interiors can be custom designed to suit you.


Could you benefit from a smaller size Presentation Case to carry your electronic equipment, or other products? The Minibag is small in stature, but it is made from the same polypropylene material which makes it as rugged as some of our larger cases. It’s just what you need when carrying fragile, expensive items, as it offers a superb level of protection.


Do you require a tough equipment storage case? Maybe you’re a professional that carries around heavy, specialist equipment and you need to be sure that your Presentation Case is up to the task. The Megabag can handle up to 40kg loads, which is very impressive. It has a lockable system with the option of an additional combination padlock for extra security. The handles are foldable and comfortable to grip, which makes it easier to carry heavier products. It’s not easy to damage the surface of the Megabag, as it is scratch resistant.

With so many beautiful Presentation Cases to choose from, you might find it hard to select the right item for you. Please contact us today on 01452 309782, or by filling in our online query form – we are more than happy to assist you.