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It’s a given that you don’t want to be lugging around heavy hand luggage or hold baggage when you’re travelling – whether it’s across the street or across continents – and yet, so many people settle for bulky bags that hold them back. We’re here at Hofbauer to remind you of the myriad of benefits that come with opting for specially made light weight luggage; especially if you’re a frequent traveller.

Here are our top 5 benefits of purchasing light weight luggage:

  • Better for Your Back and Posture

Lugging around heavy cases once or twice a year for your family holiday travelling can be forgiven and shouldn’t cause your body too much harm, however - if you’re the kind of person who finds themselves on the move with work or leisure regularly – you’re knowingly causing yourself harm.

The strain of heavy baggage can wreak havoc on our spines and posture, in ways that we mightn’t even notice until it’s too late and we find ourselves in constant agony. Making sure that you’re opting for luggage that will allow you to get from a-to-b safely is imperative.

  • You Can Pack More in Whilst Paying Less

If the airline you’re travelling with has a weight limit, you’ll find that you can stow far more belongings away with a light weight suitcase. Instead of wasting weight on heavy packaging – and risking the chance of going over the threshold and being charged more money – try a flight case that won’t monopolise your space. Our aluminium cases here at Hofbauer are a perfect example of light weight and durable cases for flying by aircraft.

  • More Aesthetically Pleasing

Whether you’re going straight from the airport to your business meeting, or simply like to maintain a slick, sophisticated impression with all those you meet on your travels, a small flight case from Hofbauer is a must-buy. There’s little point of getting all dressed up in your suit, only to be lugging a huge unsightly suitcase behind you, right?

  • Safer for Your Belongings

The light weight suitcases we have for sale here at Hofbauer are made of reinforced materials to ensure that their contents are carried in the safest manner possible. Whether you’re simply carrying your laptop and personal belongings, or you’re shipping over your band’s instruments and equipment, we’ve got your back either way.

  • Prepared for Difficult Environments

If you’re transporting goods or materials that are sensitive – whether it’s on a plane or on the road – you want to be sure that the suitcase or flight case can withstand vastly varying temperatures, especially those that land a little on the colder side!

Contact us here at Hofbauer today, where we can assist you with the ideal suitcase or flight case for your travelling needs. Our lightweight cases are renowned for being able to stand the test of the time, allowing you to get many years of use and consequentially, great value for your money.