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When travelling, it is possible for your suitcases and luggage to become damaged as you move from one destination to another. Whether it is due to water damage, being knocked against other cases, or becoming exposed to extremely hot or cold temperatures, when transporting valuable items, it is important to take the necessary steps to ensure their safety and security. At Hofbauer UK Ltd, we specialise in hardwearing and durable cases for exactly this purpose; this includes a range of electronic cases, for all your electrical devices.

Our range of electronic cases

At Hofbauer UK Ltd, we are proud retailers of some of the sturdiest and highest quality cases on the market. These are especially important when transporting electronic devices, for several reasons. First, electronic items are particularly susceptible to water damage, even in the smallest quantities. Second, even the smallest bumps and scrapes can cause irreparable damage to your electronic valuables. Third, extremely high and low temperatures can compromise the functioning of your electronic items, due to the delicate electrical circuits and wiring inside them. For these reasons, electronics often require an extra level of protection to other items moving in transport, such as clothes and toiletries.

One of such electrical devices that requires an extra level of protection during transportation is your laptop. Our laptop flight cases are an effective and affordable way of protecting your laptop and all its valuable data from damage, even on flights with high levels of turbulence. The computer flight cases we offer are made from extremely durable plastics and metals, necessary for two reasons; first, to protect them from any physical shocks they may come into contact with, and second, to ensure no water is able to become absorbed and seep through the material onto the contents inside. These cases are available with foam padding interiors, which are highly effective in maintaining a constant and safe temperature inside. This is particularly important on flights, as the plane can become very cold while in the air at a high altitude.

Choosing to travel without a protective laptop case carries its risks. As water conducts electricity, if your laptop is turned on when it comes into contact with water, it is likely your laptop will suffer short circuits and crossed connections. This is especially likely when the laptop is stored inside its case, and you are unable to tell when it comes into contact with water. Our range of cases here at Hofbauer UK Ltd provide you with the sense of security and peace of mind of knowing your electrical devices are safe.

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All the cases stocked on our website are sourced from highly reputable and trustworthy brands. We pair this with our expertise in strong and sturdy cases to provide you with the perfect case to bring with you when you travel. If you have any remaining questions or would simply like some more information on the products we offer, please do not hesitate to contact us. A member of our team will be happy to help you; you can call us at + 44 (0) 1452 309782 or send us an email at