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When building and promoting your business, whether you are starting on a new enterprise or pitching your established business to a new market or client, presentation is everything. Popular programs on the television that show ideas and products being pitched to professional business men and women highlight how essential it is, not just to know your product, but to be able to display your product in an orderly manner.

If you require sample cases for business presentation or display then Hofbauer can provide you with a good supply of options to suit your needs. In a lot of ways your instrument and equipment carriers need to be multifunctional. They need to be capable of keeping things in order, preventing damage and able to show your products and ideas off to their best advantage. They can also act as an advertising platform for you, by presenting an image that reflects an overall work ethic of efficiency and fastidiousness that builds trust in your ability as a potential partner and service provider.

Hofbauer have been in producing specialist protective cases for many years and offer a choice of sample cases that can be custom made to suit the needs of your products and clientele. The foam inserts can be made with your product in mind so that they are kept on display in the right position in your sample cases at all times. For example, if you are promoting a new piece of electronic equipment such as a phone, tablet or computer, then you will want the customers to be able to see the products clearly without the chance of scratching the delicate surface or dropping it on the floor and smashing the fragile casing. The sample display cases can hold the merchandise in place without distracting from the products style and design without cumbersome packaging.

One particular type of case provided by Hofbauer helps to illustrate how these custom sample cases can work. This case is manufactured to carry and transport bottles of wine. The 8-bottle wine carrier case foam inserts stop the bottles from coming into contact with and damaging one another. Also, the extendable handle and wheels on this sample case mean that you are not trying to carry the heavy products without support, possibly causing yourself an injury.

The Minibag is the perfect option for smaller merchandise that requires product display and protection from damage. These products can range from jewellery to microchips, which are both delicate and small. The Quantum T Cases are ideal when you are on a promotional tour, presenting to a number of potential clients.

The Peli Micro cases are extremely robust as the Peli case range are the toughest small sample cases on the market. They come with the option of a clear lid casing that means you can display and advertise your product before you have even opened the case up.