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Here at Hofbauer, we specialise in providing our customers with the most robust options when it comes to cases, which is why we offer a wide range of Pelican cases, otherwise known as Peli cases. The brand known as Pelican was founded in 1976, and the Peli brand extended from this when the business grew into the European market in 1997. The brand offers a distinctive case that is incomparable to others of its kind.

What is a Peli Case?

Since its inception, the Peli Case has become known for its unique brand of plastic-injection moulded technology. This enables the cases to offer the highest level of protection, including numerous benefits that make it built to protect. In general, you can expect these cases to be strong, with high-impact resistance, dust protection, and chemical resistance. They also benefit from a IP67 level of water resistance, which translates to the ability to be dropped into water a meter deep for half an hour without it impacting on the contents. This is indicated by the number 7, and the number 6 indicates that it offers protection from dust.

The Types of Peli Cases

Peli Cases are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, totalling at over 60 models. Peli Air is one of the most recent models, which are designed to decrease the weight without compromising on the strength. Through Hofbauer, you can also explore our range of standard Peli Cases, as well as Peli Laptop Cases, Multi-Laptop Cases, Peli Micro Cases, Peli Storm Cases, and the Wine Carrier Case.

What Peli Cases Are Made From

The key feature of Peli Cases is their injection moulded design in copolymer polypropylene, making use of an open cell core and solid wall construction, meaning it is both stronger and lighter than models that just use a solid core wall. Reinforced padlock protectors offer additional security against cutting and theft, whilst the double-throw latches – a system unique to the brand – are easy to open, yet hold tight under any drop or impact. They are able to be watertight due to the tongue-and-groove fit with a polymer o-ring. The equalisation valve is able to release built-up air pressure to make the best of this feature. For those cases with wheels, they are fitted with stainless steel ball bearing wheels, which last longer and offer a smooth ride even on difficult surfaces.

Who Uses Peli Cases?

Peli Cases can be used by anyone, but due to their ability to withstand harsh environments, they are used by the military, law enforcement, and rescue operations. They are also commonly used by mechanics, engineers and maintenance, as well as with professional mountaineers, divers, photographers, and those working in the film and TV industry. Whatever the purpose, they are ideal for business travel within a wide plethora of industries.

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