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At Hofbauer, we have countless options when it comes to our cases with wheels. Today we’re going to focus on four of these cases that have various different features and specialist characteristics, which each choice having several custom options to create a bespoke design for your case, whether specific interior inserts or printed logos for your company. Being wheeled cases, they all share the obvious benefit of the ease of transportation, so no matter how near or far you’re travelling, you’ll always have everything you need.

Enduro MAX

The Enduro MAX case with wheels offers total protection, being both waterproof and dustproof. It is known to be virtually unbreakable, practical and versatile. Made from a copolymer polypropylene, it is designed with easy-grip handles for you to pull it along on its hardwearing wheels, and with fifteen different sizes, you’re sure to find the right case for you.


In the Peli range of wheeled cases, there are three sub-categories: Peli Air, Peli Storm and the standard Peli Cases. The Peli Air cases have the advantage of being 40% lighter than other polymer cases, whilst remaining both crushproof, dustproof, and offering a padded divider system. Peli Storm cases are also waterproof, come in over twenty sizes and three different colours; its use of an automatic pressure release valve also means that it adjusts air pressure without water coming in and can stand extreme temperatures. Our basic range of Peli Cases come in a variety of forty different sizes, six different colours and features all the great benefits of the others, offering total protection and a lifetime guarantee.

Thermodyne Containers

Our range of Thermodyne Containers do what they say on the tin, made from a HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) for optimum strength, eliminating any possible points of weakness and are very lightweight. They are protected against moisture and dust by an O-ring rubber seal and are available in a huge selection of over four hundred sizes, with nine colour options, as well as many more fantastic features.

Wine Carrier Case

Capable of carrying a total of eight bottles, this Wine Carrier Case protects each bottle individual with its specially cut foam interior. This helps securing them into a fixed position to prevent any movement in transit. For valuable bottles, you have peace of mind with the option of two-points to padlock or a security seal the case.

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