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If you have goods and stock that you need to transport on a regular basis, it’s vitally important to find the right type of container to carry them in. Often, the best product one can buy to do this is a stock case. Made of tough yet flexible materials, these standard cases will do an excellent job of protecting your wears in a sturdy but stylish manner.

Here at Hofbauer we have a vast array of stock cases for protecting your wears. All you have to do is identify which of our standard stock cases is best suited to your individual requirements. Here are just five of the different types of stock case that we can provide for your business.

Enduro Max

Waterproof and corrosion proof, our tough and durable Enduro Max case is suitable for any application you can imagine. Thanks to an O-ring gasket seal with an automatic pressure release valve, no water can ever get into the Enduro Max, which is why it is a routine choice for industrial applications in harsh environments, by industries including emergency services and the military. The Enduro Max can also be adapted into a tool case.


Made of recyclable propylene, our customisable Minibag stock cases are excellent for carrying smaller materials, making them ideal for making a splash with your retail items. These one-piece slim line plastic cases come complete with snap- shut catches and long-lasting hinge technology. Our Minibag 4 case can even be purchased with an optional divider to separate the contents, allowing you to present your wares in their best possible light.

Quantum T

If you need an industrial strength case with a modern, functional design, look no further than the Quantum T. The Quantum T case is built to industrial strength with Hofbauer’s advanced double-walled protection. This gives the case a shock absorbing cushion between its two walls, boosting its stability and making it extremely durable. Whether you plan to use it in chemical environments or extreme temperatures, this case will serve you well. It even has a smooth rebate – great for showing off your business.

Laptop case

One of the most common pieces of equipment that hectic businesspeople need to keep safe in their standard case is their precious laptop. Our Peli laptop cases come with a solid wall design, making them strong, light and water-resistant. The defining feature of these cases is their double safety locking latches with keys, allowing you to be sure that no one will gain access to your confidential information.

Wine carrier case

Perhaps the most specialised of our stock cases, our rugged wine carrier case is the perfect choice for presenting your fine wine selection to customers for tasting sessions. Boasting wheels and a pull-up drag handle for excellent mobility, this case is capable of carrying up to eight bottles of wine at once with its thermally insulated foam interior, keeping your wines cool and ready to impress.

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As you can tell, Hofbauer’s range of stock cases is well worth looking at. If you have any questions about our stock cases, please do get in touch by visiting our contact page - our team will be delighted to offer advice and guidance regarding your purchase.