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Blog > > Five Reasons Why Peli Cases Are Useful

When you’re looking to invest in a long-lasting, reliable tool case, there are few better types to choose than the Peli case. Pelican cases are known all over the world for their durable nature and functionality, and are regularly the preferred cases of those who need a sturdy option to help them in their day-to-day work.

There are several great explanations why Peli cases are so regularly the choice of influential figures across the globe. Here are just five of the reasons why people find Pelican cases so extraordinarily useful:

They are extremely durable

Made from virtually unbreakable plastic, Peli cases provide superb protection, allowing you to store your fragile or expensive items safely and securely. Peli protector cases are specifically designed to withstand harsh environments, being water-proof, dust-proof and corrosion-proof. That makes them ideal for protecting particularly sensitive equipment - such as cameras - while out in the field.

They are highly secure

One of the main purposes of any case is to keep its contents secure. In addition to being durable, Peli cases also offer a high level of security. While heavier duty Peli cases come with simple press and pull latches, others, such as Peli laptop cases, come complete with double safety locking latches and a set of keys, meaning that only you can access your laptop and its private information.

They are versatile

Peli cases’ security and durability in challenging environments makes them a popular choice for specialists working in potentially dangerous conditions including TV crews, deep sea divers and NATO. Peli cases are particularly popular for those providing public services such as emergency services and military staff. Examples include the Peli Storm case which is available in bright yellow – ideal for situations such as mountain rescue.

They are portable

One issue with many hard cases is that they can be unwieldy or heavy to carry. That’s not a problem for Peli cases. Peli laptop cases are available with a comfortable rubber handle. For jet-setting clients there are even options such as the Peli Air - 40% lighter than other polymer cases and equipped with rolling wheels, these cases are optimised for carry-on luggage and checked-in luggage requirements.

They are personalisable

The versatility of Peli cases is one of their most appealing features – some of the more specialised Peli cases include an eight-bottle case for fine wine dealers, and another suitable for carrying several laptops at once. Standard protector cases are available in 40 different sizes and 6 different colours – perfect for finding the one to suit your individual style. Peli cases are even available in micro-size if you just want to keep your earphones safe.

Here at Hofbauer we are one of the best providers of Pelican cases in the UK. We stock Peli cases in all of the above styles, including multi-laptop cases, tool cases and wine bottle cases. So why not find out how good these cases are for yourself? Just visit our designated Peli case page to take a look at all the options we have on offer.