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As a professional technician or tradesman, you will probably agree that you can never have enough quality tools. Why not benefit from a high quality, purpose-built tool case? Hofbauer (UK) Ltd have around 30 years of experience and work with some of the world’s leading case manufacturers. All of our cases are of premium quality, which means that you can have complete trust in the construction materials, to protect your tools. We work with leading brands including Thermodyne, Storm, Megabag, Peli and many more first-class designers. Here is a selection of tool cases for your serious consideration:

Megabag Tool Case

Are you aware of our supreme, double-wall system? This technology gives you an unbeatable level of protection and integrity. The Megabag Tool Case is a perfect for professionals. The design also incorporates a padlock option, affording you total peace of mind. You have a choice of four different case sizes, depending on your requirements. It has a removable tool tray feature, which makes it very versatile. Germany technology and workmanship has long been respected worldwide and these products continue this tradition. Each Megabag Tool Case is a thoughtful work of art, designed for maximum flexibility and adaptability. This case has been tried and tested by other industries, including Scenes of Crime Officers, Field Service Engineers, Audio Technicians and so on.

Peli Tool Case

The range represents the most robust type of storage facility. Just how strong is this case? Its strength is so impressive, that we are confident that you could drive over it and your tools would be totally intact. It is unrivalled as regards durability and all-around toughness. Imagine a harsh and unforgiving environment - this case can easily meet the demands of these conditions. From -23 to + 99° C, Peli Cases have been field tested and performed admirably in these extreme circumstances. How about its versatility? As well as having flexible tool storage options, it also has a documentation storage area. If you use airline travel, you can have full confidence that your equipment will be full protected, due to the rigorous construction, of the Peli Tool Case.

Dimension Tool Case

Are you a Technician or Service Engineer? The Dimension Tool Case is exactly what you need. This case also benefits from the double-walled technology, which can withstand considerable impact. Specialised equipment is expensive and valuable, so you need to have confidence in your tool case. Many years of experience has gone into the structure of the Dimension Tool Case, which makes it a very popular option for professional tradesmen. Flush metal key locks give additional security, along with an ergonomic, foldable handle. Its adaptability is exceptional. You have a choice of five interchangeable tool panels, to suit your specific needs.

Mini Tool Case

Does your trade specialism require a limited number of tools? Then the Mini Tool Case is perfect for you. It comes in a selection of two sizes and two models. Don’t be fooled by its diminutive dimensions. The Mini Tool Case also has the double-wall polypropylene construction technology, so this case is tough as they come. Many years of Hofbauer expertise means that you won’t find a better, all-around, superb, small tool case, to exceed your highest requirements.

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