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With over a century of experience in our field, at Hofbauer, we provide our customers with pioneering protective case solutions. We continue to be leaders when it comes to using new materials and moulding technologies. Here, we outline everything you need to know about our 19” rack cases.

Military-approved, our 19” rack cases are suitable for NATO, MoD and DoD requirements, made from materials that are essentially break-proof. They are all available in a wide range of sizes, with options to customise the colours, finishes, and even engrave your company logo.

Amazon 19” Rack Case

With the Amazon 19” rack case, the strength of a rotomoulded case is combined with either an aluminium or stainless-steel frame, using 45 degree angled elastomeric anti-vibration mounts, you have a choice of shore hardness grades, which are angled towards the centre of gravity in the frame. This means that shock-protection is offered in all directions. M6 fasteners enable you to easily secure electronic and non-standard equipment. It is possible to use these rack cases in extreme environments, such as saltwater areas, where protection against corrosion is necessary. They also have the option to include Easy Glide™, which is a removable internal frame, used for convenient maintenance or replacement of equipment.

Flitebag Enduro Rack Case

The Flitebag Enduro features double-walled honeycomb panels in either aluminium or polypropylene and includes a hard ABS laminate finish. It is used in various applications, including military, aerospace, oil and gas, survey, motor racing, broadcast, and electronic. It also features an ‘O-ring’ gasket seal for the lid closure, and a silicon seal at the panel seams, guaranteeing protection against dust and moisture getting in. There’s an option to include a suspended anti-vibration shock-rack or a standard fixed rack strip mounting. A lightweight option, this rack case is smooth and easy to handle.

Flitebag Pro 19” Rack Case

Custom-made from an assortment of hard-wearing 6-20mm rigid birch plywood panels, and finished with hard wearing laminate or stucco aluminium surfaces, the Flitebag Pro is widely used in all the same applications, yet it is available as a lightweight specification to a full heavy-duty specification. Again, it has the option for the shock-rack or standard rack, as well as all the usual choices, such castor wheels, aluminium frame with a selection of fittings, and recessed handles for use with padlocks.

Each of these options offers a set of rack cases that are professional, reliable, and durable. They work with your requirements, whatever you need to transport from A to B, ensuring safety and security every step of the way.

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