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Labels on equipment packaging and equipment cases are there as an attempt to keep your belongings and work gear from getting damaged and ruined beyond repair. These labels usually come with a variety of terms such as ‘fragile’, ‘handle with care’ , or in the form of an instruction like ‘this way up'. If you have been the recipient of a package, or been traveling with your own valuable delicate equipment, then you will know very well that these warnings and requests often go unheeded.

Test instruments are a good example of delicate equipment that is often in transit. The instruments involved are often expensive, treasured and unique as well as fragile and sensitive to any knocks or excessive shaking. The equipment cases and equipment boxes available can keep these items safe from damage with a strong shell exterior and with suitable padding using foam designed specifically with your equipment in mind.

A lot of electronic equipment and machinery can be very sensitive and as a result will need encasing in a protective housing. The ‘double walled’ technology available in our Quantum case range gives that protection. The Megabag also has this unique property and also can be supplied with a combination lock to make sure your equipment is kept safe from theft or tampering. The Thermodyne equipment case can stand temperatures as low as -40°c to as high as 70°c. This means it will never freeze in its environment and never be susceptible to hot temperatures. This is why the Thermodyne case is often used in aerospace parts shipping and the oil and gas exploration industry. It is a thermodynamic case perfect for your important equipment and delicate apparatus. Please check the links available to see the other excellent properties of these hard equipment cases.

When looking at the many advisory blogs and how-to's on the internet, one particular tip is common. The suggestion is to break down any equipment into as many components as possible within reason. You may assume, that doing this would double the chances of it's becoming damaged. However, with bespoke foam inserts in your equipment cases, each unique piece can be individually protected, cushioned in its own slot. This makes it less likely that a part of your equipment will break off while being moved around, damaging the fittings that keep it together when they’re in use.

Hofbauer have over 30 years experience in the design and production of custom equipment cases. So, they know the many needs of the customer to ensure safe, secure handling of their baggage and belongings. This need is applicable when using your equipment and when you leave your equipment in the hands of shipper or baggage handlers. Of course, you can’t always monitor the way other people treat your belongings. But with the equipment cases available at Hofbauer, you can protect your things to the extent that it won’t really matter.