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Citybag SL

  • Quality construction and eye-catching image & design makes CITYBAG the ideal solution for a variety of applications
  • 3 sizes in black
  • Lockable with quality key locks
  • Ergonomic fold down handle for added comfort
  • Exceptionally scratch resistant surface
  • Industrial strength with unique "Double-Walled" protection
  • If you require a professional yet robust quality case that won't stretch your budget the CITYBAG has the answer - the combination of "Double-Walled" protection and tough PP provides affordable strength & quality at a price that won't break the bank!
  • Extremely durable, proved & tested living hinge
  • Carries loads up to 40 kg
  • Manufactured using Hofbauer’s unique skill in extrusion blow moulding
  • Made from durable, recyclable Polypropylene (PP)
  • Complete the package with a customised foam interior - for further custom options please contact us
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Citybag – Secure Double-Wall Plastic Briefcases

Citybag isn’t just a ‘plastic briefcase’ – or an upmarket sample case. With its impact resistant, durable design and practical customisation options, the Citybag SL offers a unique blend of versatile technology and style.

How versatile? Just consider the storage and equipment protection needs of specialist users such as Police Scenes of Crime Officers (SOCO case), broadcasters and specialist technicians and you’ll understand.

Your Citybag secure briefcase combines functionality with the professional image you demand. Beneath a timeless exterior, unique double-walled construction creates a shock absorbing air cushion; from SOCO forensic powders to sophisticated electronic test equipment, the technology differentiates Citybag from an ‘ordinary’ plastic briefcase.

As you’d expect from Hofbauer, each Citybag instrument case combines more than 20 years’ development with great usability, personalisation options and security (secure key locks or easy-operation snap catches depending on model).

Safe in the city (or anywhere) – that’s Citybag.(END-TEXT-COLOUR)


Description Int. Dimensions mm*

L x W x H (Base + Lid)

SL1032: 445 x 326 x 137 (84+53)

SL1040: 513 x 377 x 155 (95+60)

SL1042: 513 x 377 x 179 (107+72)




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Lid stays

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Foam set

Shoulder Strap