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Our Shipping Cases

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A shipping case goes by many other names, and is also known as a road case, a flight case, or an ATA case. The latter alludes to the fact that such cases were originally designed by airline packaging engineers, named after the specification category, where they were made to withstand a minimum of 100 round-trips. They were first used as shipping containers built for the protection of musical instruments, motion picture equipment, and audio and lighting protection equipment. They are now generally used for any kind of sensitive equipment that needs to be transported between different location, whereby they may be roughly handled by baggage-handling staff.

Highly Durable

The key to these shipping cases is that they are made to be highly durable, so they can withstand the rough handling that can be expected when frequently transported and thrown around by baggage-handling or air cargo staff. Hofbauer is known to be one of the best manufactures of secure plastic shipping cases, helping you to protect any delicate and important items every step of the way from transport to delivery. We offer a practical and well-designed solution to your shipping needs, with a wide variety of options when it comes to this area. Read more...

About our Equipment Cases

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Expensive or delicate equipment doesn’t go well together with travel and transportation. There is always going to be some level of risk transporting such objects from one place to another, and the fear of damage is prolonged for greater distances, as well as times where it’s not possible to be with the equipment, regardless of any fragile label warnings. To put your fears at bay, here at Hofbauer (UK) Ltd, we offer a wide range of hard-shell equipment cases made especially for such fragile equipment.

The Perfect Balance

We understand that when you’re travelling with expensive and delicate equipment, whether electronic instruments or medical supplies, the arrival of your equipment intact is paramount, especially given that you will be replying on it when you arrive at your destination. The last thing you want is to find that your luggage is damaged, and its contents ruined. In order to keep your equipment safe and secure, we aim to strike the perfect balance between everything you could ask for in an equipment case. We guarantee that your equipment case will be strong, airtight and secure. We do this by creating a strong hard-shell case to protect it from any bumps and scrapes on rough journeys, as well as it being airtight to stop any damp or water vapour damaging any electrical equipment you may have inside, and padded to keep its contents in order and unharmed. Read more...