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Amazon 19" Rack Case

Amazon ruggedised racks combine the tough resilience of a rotomoulded case with an aluminium rack frame (an optional stainless steel frame is available) which is suspended by 8 (or 16 as an option) anti-vibration mounts.

Anti vibration racks are available from 4U to 14U and in four standard frame depths of 480mm, 610mm in all sizes with 740mm and 870mm in selected sizes. (Further sizes to follow).

Amazon 19-inch racks are designed to function in extreme conditions and survive rough handling in military or civilian applications.

Amazon 19-inch ruggedised racks comply with MIL-STD 810F and are rated IP65.

The optional EasyGlide™ system allows the inner frame to slide in and out of the rack body. This enables easy "on the bench" equipment population and "full all round" access for maintenance.

Amazon 19-inch racks offer enhanced ‘sway space’ between the inner frame and rack body to prevent collision under servere impact conditions.

Amazon racks are an approved product for government and MoD / DoD requirements.

Amazon products carry NATO stock numbers and are accredited to MIL-STD 810F

  • Available from 4U to 14U with various standard 19-inch inner frame depth options
  • Eight 45 degree angled elastomeric anti-vibration mounts (pat. pend.) with a choice of shore hardness grades, angled towards centre of gravity of the rack frame, provide optimised shock protection in all orientations.
  • Superior ‘sway-space’ between inner frame and outercase to prevent contact with outer container under severe impact
  • Easy Glide™ Optional ‘EasyGlide’ (pat. pend.) removable, self-anchoring, internal frame system for convenience and speed of maintenance/replacement of equipment
  • Restriction of Hazardous Substances - The inner rack frame and all fittings are stainless steel, making Amazon racks totally RoHS compliant
  • Fixing Holes - Rack frame has additional M6 fixing holes in the rear face to accommodate nonstandard equipment
  • Standard, stainless steel M6 threaded fasteners secure electronic equipment into floating stainless steel cage nuts at both front and rear of frame, providing ease of equipment fitting – all threaded fasteners are field replaceable, no special tool required
  • All racks have positive stacking, aligning at the front face
  • Standards Internal rack frame conforms to BS5954 / BS EN 60297 / DIN 41494
  • Suitable for Corrosive Environments - Stainless steel chassis is available if the rack is to be used in saltwater environments
  • Very Heavy Payloads - More robust chassis is available for heavy loads
  • Amazon racks have a ‘user adjustable’ inner frame (excluding the removable ‘Easy Glide’ option) allowing back to front movement of 50mm within the outer container to accommodate varying front panel and rear wiring/connector needs. Combined with the deep rear lid option, this can provide a maximum of 170mm of usable space between rear rack frame and lid.
  • Rack frame has extra M6 fixing holes in the rear face to accommodate non DIN standard equipment.
  • Inner rack and outer container are recyclable.
  • Moulded-in Amazon Lip (pat. pend.) that engages positively with body to eliminate lid displacement when subjected to sideways force.
  • Heavy-duty plastic injection moulded handles.
  • Optional recessed wheels for ease of handling with heavy payloads.
  • Optional deeper lids available to accommodate extended/protruding connectors etc.
  • Complies with MIL-STD 810F.

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Amazon 19” Rack Case – Professional, Rugged, Shock Proof, Protects Electronics

No-one tests transit cases like the military. That’s why you know your Amazon rack cases, with their MIL-STD 810F quality and proven NATO track record, will deliver superb protection – from the North Circular to Afghanistan and back again.

Already appreciated by thousands of demanding professionals just like you, each Hofbauer Amazon 19” rack case combines durability, impact resistance and versatility in a package that protects reputations as well as products and equipment. And with a range of practical colours and permanent ID options, it’s easy to mark your Amazon rack transit case as your own.

You don’t have to be in a war zone to appreciate Amazon’s range of sizes (4u to 12u, 19 inch rack options available), user-adjustable anti-vibration suspended inner rack frame, stainless steel catches, IP65 compatible O-ring gaskets and a vast range of fittings and hardware (including extra M6 fixing holes to accommodate your non-DIN standard equipment).

Whatever your need, an Amazon shock proof case, Amazon is there with the details that give performance demanded by applications as diverse as oceanology and motor racing telemetry: pressure equalisation valves, cable pouches, tie-down fittings, positive stacking and recessed wheel technology all make for versatility that makes your life easier in the field – and gets another demanding job done.

Thoughtful design and years of field experience mean there’s an Amazon 19” rack case for your product or equipment. It’s Hofbauer’s Amazon and it’s ready for your next mission. So, how will you test yours?


Available from 4U to 14U with depth options: 480, 610, 740, 870 DIN standard 19 inch inner frame.

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Military Green

Other colours available on request.


Wheels (cases and racks)

Cases of 750mm in length and greater have provision for fitting optional 70mm ‘roller blade’ recessed wheels. Similarly all racks can be fitted with two optional recessed wheels, housed in the deeper 125mm lid. These robust wheels allow ease of handling with heavier loads and are designed to come into operation as the case or rack is tilted, but do not interfere with stacking or stowage (pat. pend.). Two additional handles are provided on the front lid of racks fitted with wheels.

Removable inner frame (racks)

Amazon provides a removable ‘Easy Glide’ inner frame option (pat. pend.) without loss of anti-vibration characteristics, to allow complete withdrawal of the 19 inch inner frame in constricted spaces or semipermanent installations. Simple and rapid withdrawal, by front access, without any special tools is achieved by removing 4 x M8 stainless security bolts and sliding the 19 inch frame, with all its contents in place, towards you. Once fully removed, the 19 inch frame contents can be fully accessed for maintenance or repair. To replace the frame simply reverse the process, slide the frame down 4 glide runners, which automatically ‘self-anchors’ the frame at the rear, and replace the 4 x M8 security bolts. The frame is then firmly secured within the glide runners in the outer container.