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If you travel a lot - whether it’s through your work or personal life - there’s a high chance that you’ll be carrying a few pieces of technology on your person, especially if you’re travelling for your job. If you’re a travelling trainer, consultant, technician, or work for a data heavy organisation, you may find yourself having to safely transport several laptops with your luggage.

Here at Hofbauer, we’ve been supplying safe storage solutions for those with expensive technological cargo for years now, making us experts in the area - so we’ve compiled this list of 5 benefits of using multi-laptop cases:


The main security element aside, putting all your eggs in one basket with the use of a multi-laptop case means that you don’t have to fork out for multiple cases or bags, which can rack up quickly. With a number of customisable options available, you can spend as much or as little as you’d like on a multi-laptop case but - with its reinforced exterior - you can rest assured that your purchase will prove an investment.


Naturally, security should be one of your biggest priorities when it comes to your laptops. With the amount of sensitive information stored on laptops, and the fact that you really don’t want to lose documents or projects that would set you and your company back - it’s vital that you know a product is going to properly protect your possessions.

The multi-laptop cases for sale at Hofbauer include various security features, such as padlocking points, various ID options and security seal points. This way, you’ll know that your laptops are safe, even when they’re behind the scenes in the luggage hold of the plane.

Wheel Options

We’ve all lugged a laptop case or two on our backs whilst carrying either a rucksack or handbag - struggling profusely - it’s a nightmare, right? With the use of a multi-laptop case, you get the added benefit of wheels - allowing you to take the weight of all that hardware off your back!


Especially here at Hofbauer, we have a lot of experience of working with high profile clients to ensure the safety and protection of their equipment, such as professional Trainers, Financial Services Teams and Domestic Appliance Engineers. These industries naturally have a wealth of sensitive material that needs protecting, so the fact that we can reliably provide solutions is only testament to our successes.


At Hofbauer, we also offer the option to brand your multi-laptop cases with ID tags and plaques, ensuring that wherever you may be - your multi-laptop case will be easily recognised and alleviates the possibility of theft or fraud.

Contact us today here at Hofbauer to speak to one of our specialist advisors, who can answer any of your queries regarding the purchase and customisation of your multi-laptop cases. There are a wide range of variables we can discuss to ensure that your configuration is ideally matched to your personal or business requirements.