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Quantum T

  • Stylish yet surprisingly tough case with snap-shut catches
  • The QUANTUM T is available in 8 sizes and 2 colours for a versatile range
  • Modern, functional design, with folding, ergonomic handle
  • Extremely robust yet lightweight - no need to spend extra, hard earned budget on overspecified cases if you just need a case that can take really the knocks!
  • Manufactured using Hofbauer’s unique skill in extrusion blow moulding
  • Industrial strength with unique "Double-Walled" protection provides integral strength & durability so eliminating weakness
  • Made from durable, recyclable Polypropylene (PP)
  • Complete the package with a customised foam interior - for further custom options please contact us
  • Smooth rebate for logo, labels etc.for corporate identity (subject to available space) ideal for branding
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Quantum T –Secure Double-Wall Plastic Cases

Thoughtful design has always underpinned the success of Hofbauer equipment cases. Quantum T continues the tradition, a tough, stylish double-walled case with such built-in strength that potential areas of failure, such as added metal frames, are completely eliminated.

As with so many Hofbauer products, these aren’t just ‘plastic cases’. For professionals like you, with diverse and demanding needs for tough equipment storage, Quantum T is the perfect solution.

Quantum T equipment cases won’t let you down. From the durable moulded handle, to the infinitely customisable interiors and stylish design, this product says everything about your professionalism – and your eye for quality in instrument cases.

Protection or presentation – Choose a Quantum T


Description Int. Dimensions mm*

L x W x H (base + lid)

Quantum T1000: 420x 300 x 70 (50+20)

Quantum T1100: 420x 300 x 100 (64+34)

Quantum T1200: 420x 300 x 120 (75+45)

Quantum T2000: 475 x 340 x 90 (60+30)

Quantum T2100: 475 x 340 x 130 (80+50)

Quantum T2200: 475 x 340 x 170 (100+70)

Quantum T3000: 513 x 360 x 121 (71+50)

Quantum T3100: 513 x 360 x 161 (91+70)


2 Standard colours: light grey and black


Customised Interior (Click Here) Special colour case or catches (Quantity dependent).

Bespoke moulded inner shell as alternative to foam inserts

Lid Stays

Foam pads

Printed labels