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Our Astounding Aluminium Cases Provide Unbeatable Protection

Posted 14th December 2016 by Tim | Category: | Feed Icon | 0 Comments

What’s the worst thing that could happen to your valuable equipment during transportation? Your products could be damaged, which could lead to costly repairs, or could even mean that you’ll have write-off your equipment. Hofbauer are one of Europe’s premier manufacturers of high-quality cases and we have an unbelievable range of prestigious products. What is the best way to prevent any possible damage to your items? By using our heavy-duty Aluminium Cases which are unbeatable for protection and can easily withstand the rigors of transportation. This includes airline, commercial carrier, or taxi – it makes no difference. What can we offer you?

A Wide Selection of Aluminium Cases

Our wide choice of Aluminium Cases means that there is something for everyone. This includes the Flitebag Astro, Flitebag Enduro, Flitebag Enduro Rack Case, Flitebag Pro, and the Flitebag Pro 19" Rack Case. They are all made from the highest quality materials available and are tailored to your individual requirements. How flexible are our Aluminium Equipment Cases? You can specify the foam interiors, choose the design of your handles, and select a colour that suits you. Read more...

The Importance of Flight Cases in Military Operations

Posted 11th November 2016 by Tim | Category: | Feed Icon | 0 Comments

In the modern world technology has become more powerful and capable than we could have possibly imagined years ago. Technology has now touched every aspect of military operations. Logistics, rescue, aid, combat, intelligence gathering and command and control all increasingly rely on complex, specialised and expensive technology in order to function. Unfortunately, technology can also be fragile. Storage and handling of equipment for military operations has become very important. As a result, there has been an increasing amount of attention in the defence industry on the importance of military shipping cases, military containers, field service tool cases, and other types of military cases.

Safe Logistics

Military cases are absolutely indispensable when it comes to logistics operations. The mission of logistics is to move people and supplies from where they are to where they need to be in a safe and timely manner. Failure to use appropriate storage and transportation practices can make a mission harder than it has to be, or cause it to fail entirely. That is why the use of durable and dependable military cases is so important to logistical operations. Read more...

Exceptional Tool Cases for Every Professional Technician and Tradesman

Posted 19th October 2016 by Tim | Category: | Feed Icon | 0 Comments

As a professional technician or tradesman, you will probably agree that you can never have enough quality tools. Why not benefit from a high quality, purpose-built tool case? Hofbauer (UK) Ltd have around 30 years of experience and work with some of the world’s leading case manufacturers. All of our cases are of premium quality, which means that you can have complete trust in the construction materials, to protect your tools. We work with leading brands including Thermodyne, Storm, Megabag, Peli and many more first-class designers. Here is a selection of tool cases for your serious consideration:

Megabag Tool Case

Are you aware of our supreme, double-wall system? This technology gives you an unbeatable level of protection and integrity. The Megabag Tool Case is a perfect for professionals. The design also incorporates a padlock option, affording you total peace of mind. You have a choice of four different case sizes, depending on your requirements. It has a removable tool tray feature, which makes it very versatile. Germany technology and workmanship has long been respected worldwide and these products continue this tradition. Each Megabag Tool Case is a thoughtful work of art, designed for maximum flexibility and adaptability. This case has been tried and tested by other industries, including Scenes of Crime Officers, Field Service Engineers, Audio Technicians and so on. Read more...

Premium Peli Cases for The Ultimate Performance

Posted 21st September 2016 by Tim | Category: | Feed Icon | 0 Comments

Is there a case that is extremely durable, stylish and versatile? Peli Cases are virtually impossible to beat and come in a wide variety of styles and designs. Hofbauer (UK) Ltd are a leading manufacturer of moulded cases, with over 30 years of experience. We only work with premier brands including Pelican Cases. When we say ‘durable,’ we mean that these cases can withstand practically any environment. With a wide selection of cases available, what Pelicase will you choose?

Peli Protector Case

Peli Protector Cases are the favourite choice for many professionals, including police officers, the fire brigade, explorers, film crews and so on. Why is it so popular particularly in these industries? The Peli Protector Case is designed for the harshest of environments – they perform in the most extreme situations and won’t let you down. We have an enviable range of 40 different sizes and 6 colours. We are so confident in these Peli Cases that they come with a lifetime guarantee. The copolymer polypropylene is practically indestructible and is both waterproof and dustproof. Read more...

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